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Behind the Festival


Upcoming Festival

This program is a collaboration between Jogja Festivals and various festival initiators to facilitate and provide space for the public to see and learn more about organising festivals in Yogyakarta. Various materials related to management and production were presented, starting from how to build quality standards for organising a festival, to program management strategies in a festival.

JFFE is a meeting point for various festival stakeholders, both from within and outside the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The forum is aimed to identify problems and solutions regarding the organising of festivals. On the other hand, JFFE is also present as a joint effort to encourage the strengthening of Yogyakarta's position as a world-class festival city. JFFE is organised by Jogja Festivals, a strategic platform for the festival ecosystem in Yogyakarta.

Jogja Upcoming is a collaborative event that brings together festival and event organizers in Yogyakarta to launch the calendar of events for the upcoming year. The event provides a platform for festival and event organizers to promote their events collectively and attract tourists in the MICE industry. Jogja Upcoming aims to create a collaborative ecosystem for festivals and events in Yogyakarta and strengthen the region's presence in the world of festivals and events. This event is an excellent opportunity for cultural enthusiasts to experience the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Yogyakarta while supporting the promotion of the region as a major cultural tourism destination.


No upcoming events at the moment


As a common strategic pot in synergizing programs, informations, ideas, and potencies development on the festivals in Yogyakarta.


Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer.


A collective pot for all creative practitioners in Yogyakarta's festival ecosystem to discuss problems and solutions for the sustainability of the festival in Yogyakarta.

Marketing & Communication

As an information centre related to the festival and its supporting ecosystem and open to business collaboration and investment.

Diplomacy & Advocacy

Build communication and establish cooperation, with government policy assistance for festivals.

Festival Study

As a platform to connect heritage to the contemporary and they signal opportunities for the future.

Business Social Implementation

Fundraising together to support the rotation of the festival ecosystem.

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