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About Us

Started from the diversity of creative process of the festivals in Yogyakarta, Jogja Festivals existed as a strategic pot that focuses on strengthening the festival ecosystem, developing the potencies of each ally, synergizes between allies and/or the festivals to the stakeholders-and the other way around, as well as become a centre of information and promotion - so the complexity would well accessible to the wider communities around Yogyakarta and other cities. 

As the one and only strategic pot that focuses on festival's ecosystem in Indonesia, Jogja Festivals always attempts to learn and opens up various possibilities for collaboration and sharing knowledges in order to make Yogyakarta includes in a festival's city in the world.


Strengthening institutional capacity and network of festival ecosystems in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

Developing the concept of  Yogyakarta as a comfortable space for the Festival

Providing integrated information on festival agendas for the community

Collaborate with institutions and agencies in the context of developing the Festival

Bridging the provision of space and creative industry opportunities through festivals in Yogyakarta

Developing synergies in festivals with (stakeholders)

Bringing Yogyakarta as Festival City in the World

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