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Jogja Festivals Program

JFFE is a meeting point for various festival stakeholders, both from within and outside the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The forum is aimed to identify problems and solutions regarding the organising of festivals. On the other hand, JFFE is also present as a joint effort to encourage the strengthening of Yogyakarta's position as a world-class festival city. JFFE is organised by Jogja Festivals, a strategic platform for the festival ecosystem in Yogyakarta.

JFFE 2022
JFFE - Media Gathering
JFFE - Opening Ceremony
JFFE - Symposium
JFFE - Focus Group Discussion
JFFE - Talkshow Srawung Festivals
JFFE - 1 On 1 Meeting
JFFE - Patehan Royal Hi-Tea
JFFE - Closing Ceremony
JFFE - Festival Gigs
JFFE - Line up festival gigs
JFFE - Expo
JFFE - Workshop basic lighting
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