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This research program was conducted with the aim of mapping and connecting existing festivals in Southeast Asia as a civil culture movement which contributes to the practice of cultural diversity who have a role in the formation of a society that is tolerant, open-minded and full of solidarity.

Festivals In Southeast Asia

Catalysts for the Creative Economy

This research represents an overview of the dynamic and impactful role of festivals across the creative economy of South East Asia. It is commissioned by the British Council and explores how festivals are driving impact across the region, as anchors and catalysts for an inclusive and sustainable creative economy. The research introduces case studies and country overviews from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. It describes the aspirations and development needs of festivals so they are equipped to play a central role in a post-Covid creative economy.

Festivals are the core of the creative economy which is being re-imagined, delivering opportunities for sustainable development by nurturing an ecosystem which champions creative talent, connects us with the past, and helps re-imagine the future. 

In South East Asia, festivals will played a central role in cultural restoration and welfare in society; it will improve creative practice; and contribute to the transition of local economies towards being more inclusive and sustainable. 

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